Behaviour Management

This is based on understanding and mutual respect for one another. Meadowside School is a caring ‘family’ and we all seek to help each other. Part of the philosophy for the school is the development of inner self discipline. Children are encouraged to discipline themselves to achieve a higher standard of work and a high standard of behaviour.

We all need to conform to the rules of the society in which we live, to have a regard for the common good, the interest of others and to learn to exercise self control. The school has rules which have been negotiated by the children and teachers. Within these rules children are expected to observe high standards of courtesy and behaviour. If children are to become autonomous individuals, to become responsible, to be able to make choices and decisions they must be given the opportunities of choice, responsibility and autonomy. We aim for a community where all can be secure and happy.

The school policies on ‘Behaviour Management’ and ‘Anti-Bullying’ can be viewed in the POLICIES section of this website or are available from the school office on request.

At Meadowside we celebrate and reward positive behaviour through our school, playground and classroom reward systems. The children respond well and enjoy contributing to the high standards of behaviour expected within the school community.

Loss of privilege is considered as an effective form of punishment for repeated misdemeanours.If a child’s behaviour gives cause for concern, our policy of co-operation means that parents are consulted. Should this poor behaviour continue to cause anxiety an ’Individual Behaviour Plan’ will be developed with the child, parents, class teacher and SEN Co-ordinator. If further support is necessary there are various services such as the School Educational Welfare Officer or the Educational Psychologist who can be contacted, but again, only with parental agreement.

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